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The Alliance of Mary-Sues
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27th-Jun-2007 08:10 pm - Gary-stue
Hey, does anyone know of any sights or communities just for gary-stues characters?
25th-Apr-2007 04:56 pm - My First Gary-Stew! Red Eyes

I haven't touched this thing in YEARS! It was my very first fanfic- Lord of the Rings fandom- and so like most first fanfics it featured a stew/sue. And now, I share him with you all! My love for this character who's specail ability is to get NEARLY raped by everyone. I hope you enjoy.


Hello people! *bow* I just thought I'd take this moment to formally introduce meself to everyone as I will not be posting here due to the urgings of my good friend Nulyina. *blows kiss* She has curropted me to the sue-side and togethere we shall rule the sue-nivers as father and son! Bwahhaha!
So before I start posting my sues and stews here I'd like to take this moment to say hi to everyone here.

29th-Mar-2007 02:31 pm - Where Is Everyone?

Sera walks into the community. She sees no one about and frowns.

"Funny, I thought there'd be poeple here, how strange." Sera looks around some more and finally decides to take a seat in a large blue chair against the wall and wait.
24th-Mar-2007 06:19 pm - New Member.
[my apologies if this post won't format properly]
In Character:

Hi, I'm Sera orphan_sera I'm attending the Le Mort Academy in France right now and have made a friend, Sigrid Holsdottir. I have long flowing, shiny black hair and blue or violet eyes depending on my mood. I am very good at magic and enjoy using it to stir things up.


Out Of Character: 

Hi, I'm Kat nulinya
 and I've been hunting for a pro Sue community for a long time. I'm so glad I ran across this community. I assure you Sera is most definitely a Sue (though this is my first time doing the changing eye color thing). I've never thought of creating a character journal before, this should be fun.

 ~Katherine J. 

1st-Jun-2006 08:21 pm(no subject)
The Sueniverse
I'm posting to try to generate more interest in The Sueniverse!

Let's introduce just a few of our girls to you.

Bonnie-Marie is a petite brunette with chocolate brown eyes and a sad, lonely childhood.

Aria is slender and friendly with sea-green eyes, and has lived through the terrible horror of discovering that she is in fact an alto.

Anneke Celeste Veronique is Christine's younger sister, a fiery young chorus girl who may be hiding a secret.

Marianne is a passionate but rather shy dancer who possesses flaming curls and emerald eyes, not to mention a tragic past...

But let's not forget some of our beloved boys!

Dominic is a handsome but lonely young stagehand, whose paternity is something of a mystery.

Nadir is a mysterious, good-looking Persian who makes himself known at various intervals.

Bijan is a black-haired, golden-eyed Egyptian who may not be quite human...

Now really, how can you resist? Go join The Sueniverse - the Mary Sues and Gary Stus are calling to you! Can't you hear their siren song...?
18th-Dec-2005 10:16 pm - Hello!
My name is Annabella Skyye Willow Daae de Changy, and I am Christine's one and only true daughter. My mean father abandoned me and I live in the Opera Populaire.

Shall I tell you more about myself? I have long, curly auburn hair that flows down to my ankles, which I brush every day with the silver diamond-encrusted brush that my mother gave me from her childhood which is impossible because she was the daughter of a poor violinist. My eyes are green-golden-blue-violet-cotton candy pink. I am also a better singer than my mother, and a better dancer than all the other girls in the Opera Populaire. ERIK ALSO LOVES ME MOST.

I shall enjoy getting to know you!


Annabella Skyye Willow Daae de Changy
22nd-Nov-2005 03:51 pm(no subject)
So, lyke, I was in this century and I thought I'd grace this community with my presence. (hair flip) AND I bring with me those annoying forwarding quizzes... or whatever. But then I thought not. Because why do WE, the most amazing creatures to exist, need to know if our adoring fans LUV!!111 us or not? OBVIOUSLY they do.

So, instead, i brought PICTURES of my FAMBILEE!

This is my big sister, Serenity-Perfection Starshine Moonfire Rayne. (ignore the thing that says "SAILORMOON", they TOTALLY stool her identitity.)

This is my younger sibling, Paine-Tears Emo Rayne. We're not really sure if it's a boy or a girl, but I think we might keep it. (As long as it keeps its myspace OUT OF THE HOUSE.)

((OOC: This emo is in fact, male, but I was unable to tell in any of the many pictures provided. Sadly enough, the only clue of his gender was a sign one of his friends held up saying, "I <3 neil!!"))

My other siblings are far too busy saving the world or seducing guys.
21st-Nov-2005 02:46 am(no subject)
((OOC: It's too bad this community's died. What happened? Are we all just too busy, or did things just get boring around here?))
12th-Oct-2005 06:33 pm(no subject)
I auditioned for the Opera today! You can read about it here, if you want.
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